Private Go Lessons

Private Go Lessons

Lessons and commentaries are, usually, made on “Discord“, where the Fulgurogo’s community is. It’s a place where we can chat by written and/or speak on microphone easily. The payment of the lessons are made before the lesson by Paypal.

There are 3 packages :

  • Normal lessons
  • Short lessons
  • Monthly subscriptions

Normal Lessons :

  • Normal : We play a game and i make a commentary of it after the game. The idea is to find your weakness and other issues. It will take about 1h30-2h00.
  • Commentaries : We will review 2 or 3 of your recent games that you played seriously on Internet against people that they are the same level than you (No blitz, no Bot) or in real tournament. It will take about 1h30-2h00.
  • Analysis : A one shot lesson. I’m trying to give you tools about how to review your own game and improve yourself in the long run. It will take about 1h00-1h30.
  • Teaching Random games : It’s a original way to discover the beginning of an old pro game. After about 20-25 moves, we continue the game together. Before that, i will explain what happens on the board. It will take about 1h30-2h00.

Prices :

  • 1 lesson : 20€
  • 4 lessons : 75€
  • 10 lessons : 180€

Short Lessons :

If you don’t have time, there is the “one hour lesson” possible.

  • Short Normal : We play a game and i make a commentary after it. The game is a bit faster than the Normal choice above.
  • Short Commentaries : We review 1 or 2 of your recent games that you played seriously.

Prices :

  • 1 lesson : 10€
  • 5 lessons : 45€
  • 10 lessons : 90€

Monthly subscription :

It’s a subscription for a month (From the first day of the month until the last day).

With this subscription, you have :

  • The possibility to take until 4 lessons maximum during this month.
  • The Possibility to participate in an intern tournament
  • And a commentary of one game that you played in the intern tournament will be free.

The lessons are the same that we talk above as the short lessons or the normal lessons.

The lessons are not cumulative.

Price :

  • 1 month : 70€

If you want to know who i am, a french speaking description here.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here.

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